For the Love of Children

Raising Your Children by Their Numbers to Achieve Their Highest Potential
Author’s Introduction

The 21st Century has brought massive changes to our world in almost every field of endeavor – science, technology, medicine, transportation, socialization, communication, publication, education and production, just to name a few. Knowledge, undiscovered, has become discovered. Mysteries, unrevealed, have become revealed. Secrets, unknown, have become known. Such is the positive progression and procession of life.

This work continues the trend of positive progression by making unknown secrets known in the field of parenting. This is done by revealing the mysteries of raising children through the systematic application of the universal laws of numbers – that body of knowledge known as numerology. Defined, numerology is the ancient science and art of numbers, encompassing their interpretation, relationship and significance to life, wherein letters and numbers serve as codes and ciphers defining and describing our lives and destinies. These letters and numbers are derived from the full birth name and birth date of the individual.

Numerology is not new age. It is ancient age. Numbers were before man was. Arguably, numbers are the most universal communication system known to intelligent life. What is there that cannot be reduced to numbers, numerical patterns or numerical structures? Numerology will come alive when people see how their lives are reflected in their numbers.

As a content note, the descriptions of the numbers offered in this work will seem redundant in various chapters. This is because attributes of numbers do not change. What does change is how the numbers manifest themselves in the different components of the Basic Matrix of a numerology chart. To not include a description of each number in each of the chapters describing the different components of the Basic Matrix, however redundant it may be, would be to risk the reader missing the meaning of its application relative to the specific Basic Matrix component in question. The positive note to such redundancy is that repetition reinforces the meanings of the numbers which are fundamental to the parenting wisdom process of raising children by their numbers.

The knowledge offered in this work is new to the masses. For those parents who avail themselves of its secrets, it will unlock mysteries of their children’s lives and destines. Once equipped with such numerological insights, parents will be able to help raise their children as never before, not only generating a high level of life awareness in their children but bequeathing to them a system to help their children raise their children.

Finally, there is an underlying order to all things, including our destinies. When we know that order, we can apply it to the benefit and well-being of our most precious treasure, our children. We can raise them to be aware, balanced, whole, enlightened, evolved. The primary purpose of this work is to help parents raise their children so they, the children, can achieve their highest potential and live a life of value, fulfillment, substance and meaning.

For the Love of Children and Their Children and Their Children . . .

Richard Andrew King

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