This book is a must for any parent and all parents to be. It is vital to read this book now before you name your children. If you already have children, then it is just as important to understand them.

Richard Andrew King should be called Dr. King. His books are of the magnitude that will be read with reverence for generations to come.

~ Dr. Victoria Ford, J.D.

Richard Andrew King's new book, "Parenting Wisdom for the 21st Century" is awesome! The information is timely, potent and empowering.

~ DK King, Writer and Parent

I am finding Richard Andrew King's amazing in-depth system to be a fascinating ancillary to my work as a therapist. I would highly recommend psychologists and all counselors read Richard's books. I believe even the hardest-core skeptics will be amazed!

~ Dr. Nancy B. Irwin, Psychotherapy & Clinical Hypnosis

Richard Andrew King's in-depth knowledge and research in numerology can open new doors to the inner soul and give insight to potential relationship building skills!

~ Dr. M.P. Wylie, Founder, Transpersonal Research Foundation

There can be no doubt about the validity of Richard Andrew King's research and intuitive use of numerology. His application of this metaphysical science goes well beyond other ancient schemes such as astrology and the enneagram in giving us direction by clarifying who and what we are.

~ Dr. Emily Hancock, Harvard - Executive Editor: Moxie Magazine

Richard Andrew King breaks new ground! It's almost as if the very Spirit of Numerology is using King as an instrument to evolve this ancient science to a new level. After learning from King's teaching, it is impossible to conceive of going back to that 'twilight naive and foggy' state of being where one can only guess or hint at the truths, motivations and directions of one's life that are Pre-King.

~ Hunter Stowers, Entertainer and Metaphysician

Deep, detailed and prophetic. This information will change the way you live your life.

~ Cyndi Silva, Metaphysical Wisdom

Richard Andrew King is the incarnation of numbers. I highly recommend any of Richard's books on numerology. Anyone interested in the subject of numerology, from the beginning student to the advanced adept, will find a treasure of information in any of his books. I believe Richard's pioneering work and many of the concepts he has developed will be recognized some day as stunning innovations to this incredibly interesting subject.

~ Frank Monahan, M.A.; Educator/Numerologist

Richard Andrew King is bringing back the empowered sciences of long ago, information long since lost upon this plane. Richard brings science to the art and practice of divination and spirituality, proof to the otherwise unprovable, solid evidence to the not-so-solid-universe of the divine. All who read King's works will benefit and be blessed.

~ George Shaver, Metaphysician/Psychic

Richard Andrew King is one of the truly bright lights in the field of Numerology and his unique insights and approach to understanding the vibrations of numbers have taken this area of metaphysics to a new dimension.

~ William G. Bussey, M.C.S. The Cards of Destiny & Sidereal Astrologer

Richard Andrew King's unique approach to numerology moves this ancient science into the 21st Century. His dazzling interpretations of the numbers gives one an instant knowledge of who they are, why they are here, where they are now and where they are going in the future. His method allows anyone to understand themselves more fully and to maximize their potential in the world.

~ Diane Freburg, Program Director, The Learning Light Foundation

Thank you for all the insights and knowledge I received from my numerology reading. I want you to know I have never felt more deeply touched by an individual as I did during your reading.

~ Dr. F.M, Scottsdale, AZ

Richard Andrew King’s Numerology is, by far, head and shoulders above all the rest.

~ Roxanne Carol, Astrologer/Metaphysician

Richard Andrew King is our #1 numerology reference!

~ Ann Trump & Karen Prioletti - The Saint Deck

I found Richard Andrew King's depth of knowledge extensive, accurate and impressive!

~ Steve Vertun, President, Segue Corporation

The King's Numerology is very spiritual, inspirational and accurate!

~ M. Miyata, Shiatsu Therapist,

Mr. King, your Numerology has been an inspiration to me. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and your time. I have not dealt with anyone who can explain the complexity of Numerology to beginners such as myself as clearly as you have done. I am very grateful. Thank you.

~ Keiko F.

Blessings to you for passing on valuable knowledge.

~ Angela P.

You certainly have an intuitive gift for determining the role numbers play out in our lives. Thank you.

~ Chelsey Harrison, Entrepreneur



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